This 100% organic wicking cotton by Cotton Gods provides a clean, rich taste whilst safeguarding against the issue of dry hits.

Thick, fluffy and highly-absorbent, this cotton requires no ‘break-in’ period and is easy to tear for quick re-wicking.

What’s in the Box:

1 x 10g Cotton Gods Wicking Cotton

About Cotton Gods

The Cotton Gods are here to deliver you from sins against wicking!

Grown in the heart of sunny America but packaged here in the UK, Cotton Gods cotton is 100% organic and environmentally friendly, and instantly enhances the performance of your e-cigarette setup.

This cotton is amongst the fluffiest, most pliable available on the market and because of this wastage is of an absolute minimum. A clean, pure flavour is achieved vape after vape thanks to its unbleached, pesticide-free composition, which also helps to consistently safeguard against the unpleasantness of dry hits.

So anoint your tank with this heavenly cotton today – and break the habit of bad wicking!


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